Fight Nice, the band, is the three-piece project of Dean Dunakin, Brian Lerch, and Tim Wanish from Chicago. These avid devotees of music have opened up their recording work together with this assemblage of songs, and they offer you the headphones.

What constitutes an album these days? “Fight Nice,” the album, suggests that it’s twelve original tunes, arranged by the band, recorded and mixed for maximum sonic impact on your sound system, held together by a designated piece of cover art. Nobody seems to know for sure if music even needs to be applied to a physical medium at all, but “Fight Nice,” the album, will fit into your collection one way or another. For their first foray into the studio, the group cleans up and bolsters their sound. The songs are given more room to stretch out here, as compared to playing them in a minimalist way live on-stage while working them up.

Fight Nice plays raucously under-control late college or alternative rock music with melodic hooks, and a decisive rhythm section. There has to be a first for everything, and Fight Nice has a passion for writing, playing, and recording music that will be manifest again on future works. As for this initial batch of songcraft… Fight Nice, the band stacks up their best riffs and tunes, and forgets to pack the filler.


Tim Wanish: Vocals, Guitars
Brian Lerch: Drums
Dean Dunakin: Bass, Vocals
written, engineered, produced by Wanish/Lerch/Dunakin
mixed and mastered by Dunakin
released by Zen Dozer, ZD014