The first release from Fight Nice, Abbotsford kicks off a series of indie rock singles showcasing thoughtful songwriting, group arrangement, and meticulous DIY production.


I don’t want to be close to you
Cuz I don’t want to react
You’ve got some kind of energy
And that’s what’s pushing me back

I try so hard not to hate things
I know it’s wrong to be rude
If we could just find common ground
It could be travel or food

I know you say you’re just passing through
But I think you should care
You run away while I will stay
You’re always halfway home from somewhere

So if you’re going to Abbotsford
Where there’s an ice cream cone
Take a picture for old time’s sake
Then leave me alone.


Tim Wanish – guitar, vocals
Brian Lerch – drums
Dean Dunakin – bass, vocals

written by Wanish/Lerch/Dunakin
produced and mixed by Dean Dunakin
mastered by Hanzsek A/V
artwork – a derivative collage by Dean Dunakin, sourced from Albert Dorne and Larry Kritcher paintings
Released by Zen Dozer, ZD006