Chicago producer Bounte further develops his clever integration of myriad synths, beats, vocals, and ambient textures into a gripping blend of electronic, pop, jazz, and classical structures in his second full-length album, Two. Hard-hitting electro anthems like “Small Together” and “What’s in the Cards” are contrasted with delicate, mournful ballads “Unborn” and “Taking You”, while label-defying tracks like “Thingawowzer” showcase Bounte’s musical inventiveness and creative programming.

Guest appearances by local musicians add variety and flavor rooted in the Chicago scene. Alan Ruffin of Silver Atlas contributes the majority of vocals, joined by Brittany Bindrim of i:scintilla, Lauren Cheatham of The Atomica Project, and Young Hoodchiano. Production by Wade Alin of The Atomica Project/Christ Analogue adds a final sheen of clarity and excitement to the mixes.


Dean Dunakin – songwriting, lyrics, programming, production, turntables, trumpet
Alan Ruffin – vocals tr. 1 4 7 10, lyrics tr. 7 10
Lauren Cheatham – vocals tr. 2
Brittany Bindrim – vocals tr. 5
Young Hoodchiano – vocals and lyrics tr. 9
Wade Alin – production
Hanzsek A/V – mastering

All songs published by Zen Dozer (ASCAP).