One is the debut album from Chicago native Bounte. Combining a breakbeat and IDM backbone with strong melodic textures and melodies, One is a unique take on the current electronic music scene.

From the spacious female vocals of Going Nowhere and Glide to the skittering instrumental programming of del Frompson, One showcases Bounte’s musical inventiveness, all the while maintaining a current sensibility. The production by Wade Alin (The Atomica Project) adds a modern shine to the mix, and brings the music’s ambient undercurrent into the open.


All songs written and programmed by Dean Dunakin.
Produced by Wade Alin.
Vocals on tracks 1 & 3 – Stolie.
Guitar on track 10 – Tim Wanish.
Art by Dean Dunakin.
All songs published by Sister Machine Gun, Ltd. (ASCAP) / Foul Index Publishing (ASCAP).
Catalog Number: POSI021