The second release from Chicago native Bounte, this four-song EP is an aggressive, pounding counterpoint to 2007’s One. Dominated by grinding beats, heavy distortion, and cavernous reverb, overlaid with glitchy throbbing synth work, Maximal is an ode to the dark side of electronic music, while maintaining Bounte’s signature melodic touches and traditional Chicago house flavor.

The album begins with the skittering synths and beats of D575. Cubic Feet and Phalanx Symbol, a pair of four-on-the-floor smashers, provide a fitting segue with their pounding rhythms and surprisingly delicate synth work. Sextuple X closes things out and reminds us that even when making music that is hard as hell, Bounte doesn’t leave his jazz-flavored melodies behind.


Songs, mixing, programming, production, art: Dean Dunakin
label: Positron Records (POSI024)
all songs published by Sister Machine Gun Ltd. (ASCAP) / Foul Index Publishing (ASCAP).